The HKNRP is an independent local network of followers of religions and spiritual philosophies, devoted to promote peace at local and worldwide levels on the basis of spiritual co-operation and common service.

Thus the aims and objectives of HKNRP shall be :

1. to serve as a network of religious organizations, spiritual movements and concerned individuals; who are concerned about peace;

2. to serve as a forum to promote mutual understanding and dialogue on religion and peace issues;

3. to affirm the spiritual and religious heritages we find in Hong Kong and to promote a creative and critical awareness of peace, justice, and human dignity especially in the context of Asian, Chinese and Hong Kong realities;

4. to serve as a means to encourage one another in the promotion of peace in the local community ,region and the world;

5. to plan and implement projects and activities for the promotion of interfaith dialogue, peace and justice, particularly through education and formation endeavors;

6. to promote research and provide information and data on related issues, in connection with other local and worldwide organizations and religious bodies;

7. to serve as a link to regional and world organizations concerned about religions and peace.

Individuals, organizations and institutions of different faiths who accept this Charter and want to work together for peace and justice can become a Member of this Network.

HKNRP asks of its members to build bridges of understanding and goodwill. It does not try to create one religion out of many.

It does not seek to convert people from one faith to another. Instead respect and tolerance create the security whereby all can walk together on the path to peace.

To sustain the activities of the Network, every member shall contribute in prayers, actions and subscriptions.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be attended by all the members, together with a coordinating committee (CC) and Working Commissions which meet according to their own independent schedule and work.


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